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martes, 19 de noviembre de 2013

English Grammar for Kids.

English grammar for kids 
This section contains online activities that can help children develop their grammar skills. Our activities focus on the main grammatical topics taught on elementary English courses.
Basic English grammarThe Grammar Helpers section is divided into 7 parts called adventures. Each adventure is about a different point of grammar and comes with online activities. Each activity has two stages. The Learn stage presents new grammar material, and the Practise stage contains simple grammar exercises. Kids can work through the grammar adventures systematically or in any chosen order.
For each online activity there is its printable version. To see a list of all the grammar printables visit our Printable Grammar Sheets page.

Check out our grammar worksheets and find materials for your needs!

grammar helpers

Follow the adventures of friendly Grammar Helpers. Greengo, Blue-Blue, Drago, Goldie and Pinker will take you through the grammar and fun activities in each of their seven grammar trips!
Grammar Helpers

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